Interactive Preschool Program Group (3-Year Olds)

Every child should have access to quality education. At Children’s Corner, we start by providing them with a fantastic preschool program experience. We commit ourselves to helping our students achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

When children are at preschool age, they begin to establish a sense of themselves and their competencies. Through our child care learning program, children learn how to share and interact with others through group play, build confidence, establish independence, and acquire the skills needed for kindergarten.

Our Preschool Group Focuses on Many Areas

preschool program
“One of my favorite things about Children’s Corner is the thought and creativity that goes into creating classrooms that are vibrant and fun!”

- Max S.

Circle time

We engage your kids in interactive activities that promote social skills, creativity, and language development. It helps set the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Socialization readiness

Getting an early start on life’s basics is essential for growing children. That’s why we focus on socialization readiness. We help pre-schooler prepare for their next big step in life and beyond!

Academic Enrichment

With tailored learning materials, your little ones will love gaining knowledge. Our curriculum also fuels their curiosity as they explore new concepts. Get ready to watch them become inspired lifelong learners in no time!

Reading readiness

We ensure your little ones are prepared to take on reading. With this comprehensive approach, they’ll be able to tackle those letters and words with ease!

Number concepts

Children’s Corner encourages young learners to explore the world of numbers and develop numerical skills that will stay with them for years. Every kid has the chance to hone their counting skills while having fun with the staff.

Pre-writing skills

Young minds are discovering the beginnings of writing and communication! Our program emphasizes creative exploration through fun activities to help little ones build their pre-writing skills. Watch our future authors grow in confidence as they develop an early love for words and storytelling.

Music and rhymes

Music is the key to unlocking a child’s imagination, and at Children’s Corner Preschool program, they believe just that! We get your kids singing and learning rhymes!

Start Your Children’s Corner Journey

The best way to explore the possibilities of Children’s Corner Learning Center
for your child is to book a tour!

Start Your Children’s Corner Journey

The best way to explore the possibilities of Children’s Corner Learning Center
for your child is to book a tour!

Movement in dance and exercise

Let those playful feet move and groove! Our program encourages kids to explore through dance and exercise while staying fit.

Small muscle play (books, puzzles)

Encourage your little ones to flex their creative muscles. We offer fun, engaging activities and games for their brains! From books to puzzles – the possibilities for developing their small motor skills are endless.

Large muscle play

We have a vibrant hub of activity to help kids develop their large muscle skills. From jumping rope in the playground to climbing up and down on equipment, we offer fun-filled moments as they explore, play and grow.

Arts and crafts

Through arts and crafts, we provide children with a fun outlet to express themselves.

Story time

Through imaginative stories and interactive activities, we foster creativity, language development, and imagination.

Creative play

Kids explore their horizaddaddons through creative play in our specially designed activities. Let your little one go on a fun-filled exploration journey – who knows what amazing discoveries they will make?

Dramatic play

Our staff sparks your children’s imaginatiaddaddons with dramatic play. We help your child bring stories to life through exciting activities and creative exploration.

Warm, Supportive, and Fun Environment

Outdoor Play (all ages)

Whether it’s building snowmen or playing in the water, we provide weather-appropriate outdoor recreation year-round.

Open-door policy

We welcome and encourage parent involvement with interactive add-ons between their child and the caregiver throughout the day.

Fun Activities

Enhance your child’s education with add-ons such as music, karate, and more.

Children’s Corner is among the best preschool programs in Westchester NY. Our child care offers endless opportunities for your child. Give your family and your child a head start at education while having a great time!

Contact us today to get more information about our preschool education program.

At Children’s Corner, the safety and protection of our families and staff is our top priority. Visit our health and safety page to learn more!
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