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Affordable Childcare Centers

Receive affordable childcare with Children’s Corner Learning Centers. In addition, we commit ourselves to offering premier high-quality education and childcare services. As one of the top child care providers, we ensure the cost of care at our centers is accessible to all families whether they are high-income or low-income families.

At Children’s Corner Learning Centers, we understand child care expenses can be daunting for many American parents like you. Furthermore, it is very difficult to find quality child care centers near your location. That’s why Children’s Corner has 9 convenient child care facilities across Westchester and Rockland Counties.

Our centers focus on child development of the highest quality with a teacher-to-child ratio in line with the New York State guidelines.

Our Curriculum

Learning should be fun and engaging. That’s how we meet the unique needs of each child in our care. Therefore, we use a play-based approach to education. Every program at our centers promotes the following.

  • Language Development
  • Math Skills
  • Science Exploration
  • Social Skills
  • Emotional Development

Also, with age-appropriate toys, games, and activities, our centers encourage children to learn through play. Moreover, our teachers ensure they meet developmental milestones and are ready for the next level.

Affordable Childcare Centers Resources

We offer a variety of affordable childcare programs and options for children at different education levels to meet the needs of your family.

Infant Program

The Infant program at our centers provides a soothing atmosphere for babies. All our facilities have separate areas for sleeping, playing, eating, and changing diapers. Each infant room has toys of different sizes, colors, and materials. Furthermore, we have secured open spaces for your babies to crawl and walk as they grow.

Toddler Program

Our toddler program has a cozy and high-quality environment. The toddler rooms have secured play areas dedicated to different interests. We have challenging yet safe pieces of equipment for toddlers to play with.

With child-size furniture that is appropriate for toddlers, we encourage independence and safety in all activities. We also have a wide range of storybooks with colorful images that stimulate the imagination.

Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Our preschool and pre-kindergarten classrooms help children continue to develop in many aspects. We let loose their exploring minds with materials like paints, play dough, puzzles, sand, and things to write with.

Our facilities have equipment both indoors and outdoors. Preschoolers run, jump, climb, throw, and catch actively building healthy bones and muscles.

Before And After-school Care Programs

Our before and after-school programs are where every child’s self-worth is nurtured. Our centers are more than just facilities for children to do homework or prepare for the school day.

Every center has materials for drama, drawing, painting, poetry, and more to promote creativity in your child. We also have an endless collection of books to let children’s imaginations go wild.

Summer Camps

Our summer camps are not just for socializing and building friendships. Summer camps at our centers are where your children make memories. They interact with positive role models while getting more exercise and less screen time.

Our Staff​

Each center has dedicated staff for all programs that go through appropriate training. Our staff devotes themselves to providing every child with the highest level of care and education.

We carefully select our teachers to ensure they provide your child with the best possible care. Our teachers are passionate about working with children. We ensure each child achieves academic success.

Our Commitment at Children's Corner

At Children’s Corner, our commitment is to provide high-quality education and early childhood education to our community. We meet the unique needs of each child in our care through our curriculum design.

In addition, our experienced teachers ensure the academic success of every child. We are devoted to giving quality child care to American families and parents.

Start Your Children’s Corner Journey

The best way to explore the possibilities of Children’s Corner Learning Center
affordable childcare for your child is to book a tour!

Our Affordable Childcare Facilities​

All our learning centers have state-of-the-art design elements to provide a safe, nurturing environment for children to learn and grow. We take great care in maintaining a clean and uncluttered facility that is conducive to learning. 

With natural light filling our classrooms, our children have plenty of age-appropriate toys and games to choose from.

Find a Children's Corner Affordable Childcare Center Near You

Children’s Corner has been providing outstanding and affordable childcare since 1973. Our high standards, specifically designed programs, and relevant childcare curriculum have helped us build a strong reputation in the community.

We believe that our centers are the perfect place for your child to learn, grow, and thrive. With 8 locations across Westchester county and one daycare in Rockland County NY, we make it easy for families and parents to find a center that fits their needs.

We invite you to come and visit any of our locations to see firsthand the quality of childcare services we offer.

Don’t wait any longer to contact us to give your child a head start. Come and see us at Children’s Corner Learning Centers today! Let us show you why we are the best day care provider for your child’s early education and development.

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