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In 1952, Sister Margaret O’Brien of Bronxville, NY, founded the original Children’s Corner Nursery School. A small church, 10 Alkamont Avenue, was converted into a 3-room schoolhouse to accept children between 18 months and 5 years old. Since then, Children’s Corner has grown into 9 convenient locations. Our centers are well-known locations throughout Westchester and Rockland County.

In another significant milestone, we pivoted towards a more educational experience for earlier learners in 2004. Children’s Corner Nursery School became Children’s Corner Learning Center.

Early Ed = Success

Learning is vital for your children’s growth. Research shows that kids with an excellent early education are better in the following ways.

  • Academic Performance
  • Making More Friends
  • Building Confidence

We have mastered childcare and early childhood education at Children’s Corner Child care centers. We provide new and exciting learning opportunities for kids through the following.

  • Programs
  • Relevant Curriculum
  • Qualified staff
Best Daycare New York

Child Care Programs Our Daycare Centers Offer

With a variety of child care services, we ensure that each child gets the best care possible. We have full-time and part-time daycare services. Also, we have the following comprehensive programs.

Furthermore, our experienced teachers are here to help your child learn in an environment to promote the following.

  • Social development
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Creativity

Concurrently, we also provide daily activities that foster language development and literacy skills.

Caring Education for Kids

Children’s Corner’s best daycare New York programs teach kids in a way that helps them grow in all areas of life. We offer superior care with a creative curriculum to all families in New York. We think of each child as a special person. That’s why we teach them things to help them with thinking, social skills, emotions, and bodies. In addition, our teachers are good at helping each child learn what they need to know to do well.

Concurrently, we offer a variety of educational activities that help foster creativity and exploration. Our staff is passionate about encouraging kids to explore their interests. They help develop the skills your children need to succeed in life. We believe in giving kids plenty of time to interact with each other, engage in free play, and develop their problem-solving skills.

The Children's Corner Difference

At Children’s Corner Learning Center, we want to give kids the best learning atmosphere. We do things differently than other places. Children’s Corner understands that your child’s daycare experience should be more than just a place to drop them off. That’s why our approach is different from the traditional daycare model. Learning is fun and engaging for kids with our education programs.

Our Classrooms

We understand that each child is unique and needs a space that can foster their development. Therefore, all our classrooms have design elements to provide your child with the best daycare New York has to offer. Similarly, to make learning enjoyable and engaging for kids, we have colorful walls and inviting areas of interest for kids to explore. We also make sure that items displayed on the walls are carefully selected. As a result, we limit visual stimulation, while muted colors and lighting options help create a comfortable atmosphere..

Our classrooms also offer plenty of opportunities for playtime! For example, each classroom is equipped with age-appropriate activities to engage and encourage kids to explore and learn. Above all, we carefully design our academic programs with experienced staff. It ensures your child will receive the highest quality education.

Fun And Age-appropriate Materials And Equipment

All our classrooms have developmentally appropriate materials and equipment. We understand how important it is for kids to explore their environment through play. Hence, our classrooms are carefully curated with items that promote independence and learning.

Our materials include purposeful labels, displays, and open-ended, real items like natural elements. Our supplies also provide plenty of variety to support all domains of development. We rotate these materials over time to keep things fresh and exciting. Also, it helps kids stay up-to-date on their skills. We also provide a well-maintained play space with toys that are constantly monitored and replaced when necessary.

Adult-Child Relationship: Bridging The Gap

Children’s Corner’s best daycare New York strongly believes that the relationships between adults and children are crucial to a child’s growth and development. Hence, we strive to create an environment where there is trust, respect, and understanding between all stakeholders. Our teachers take the time to get to know each child individually. Also, they build strong relationships with them.

Our teachers always seek ways to connect with each child’s unique abilities. For instance, through meaningful conversations, shared activities, and positive reinforcement, our teachers help foster a relationship of mutual trust and respect. With this foundation in place, kids feel safe without fear of failure or judgment.

East To Follow Daily Routines

Our friendly staff understands that a consistent daily routine is essential for kids. That’s why we have established one that is easy to follow and ensures your child gets the best out of their day. Our daily routine includes the following.

  • Structured Play
  • Small group activities
  • Large group activities
  • Outdoor playtime
  • Snack/meal times
  • Smooth transitions between classes

Our experienced teachers carefully plan and facilitate all these activities to ensure maximum learning and engagement! We also believe in giving kids plenty of time to explore independently. We provide an environment where they can engage in free play while still supervised by a caring adult. It helps them build independence and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, it encourages them to use their imagination.

Approaching Children With Intentional Teaching

At Children’s Corner, we believe in intentional teaching. This approach focuses on providing meaningful learning experiences. Furthermore, it is also tailored to each child’s individual needs. Our teachers take the time to get to know each child and their interests. It helps them create a curriculum that will help them reach their full potential. We strive to make learning fun and interactive by using various strategies like the following.

  • Play-based activities
  • Music
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Storytelling

Our teachers also use questioning and dialoguing techniques to engage children. It encourages critical thinking skills in kids. We support kids as they explore and develop new skills through our intentional teaching. Our teachers also use assessments and observations to track each child’s progress. For example, we use a variety of strategies to record observations and collect data to plan for individual children. It helps us ensure that our teaching is effective and tailored to each child’s needs.

Connecting Families

The friendly staff at our daycare centers understand the importance of engaging families in their child’s learning. This relationship-driven approach has led to us becoming a thriving organization that helps strengthen everyone in the community. Our teachers take the time to get to know each family and build strong relationships with them. Therefore, we provide various opportunities for families to stay connected with us. We offer the following.

  • Environment/facility tours
  • Open houses
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Daily/weekly two-way communications using multiple formats
  • Parent communication app

It allows parents to stay up-to-date on their child’s progress. Parents also have meaningful conversations with our teachers about their children’s goals. By working together, we can help each child reach their full potential.

Start Your Children’s Corner Journey

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Our Daycare Food Program

Children’s Corner provides nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snacks for our daycare children. Our meals follow the USDA guidelines and are prepared by experienced cooks who are dedicated to preparing delicious and healthy meals for your kids! Our food is freshly cooked, so you can be sure your child gets the best nutrition possible. You can feel confident knowing that when your child is in our care, they receive superior care from experienced professionals passionate about what they do.

Sanitation And Hygiene

At Children’s Corner, we take sanitation and hygiene seriously. Our staff follows the highest safety standards and always wears face masks. In addition, we regularly disinfect all surfaces and toys, wash hands with soap and water after each activity, and provide hand sanitizer throughout the day care center.

All our facilities have good ventilation to allow fresh air in and keep the humidity levels low. We have regular maintenance checks to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. We take these precautions to create a safe environment for your child and give you peace of mind.

Childcare That Is Flexible And Comprehensive

As the best child care providers, we are dedicated to providing a safe and perfect daycare experience for your child in New York. We also have strict food safety practices, so you can rest assured knowing your child is being cared for properly.

Finding the right day care for your child can be difficult. That’s why we strive to make the process as easy as possible at Children’s Corner. We offer flexible scheduling options, including full-time and part-time care, as well as drop-in care when you need it. Our teacher-to-child ratio is as per the NY state guidelines. It ensures that each child receives ample attention and support from our teachers.

At Children’s Corner, we are committed to providing quality childcare in New York. We foster learning and growth for every child who walks through our doors. Above all, your child will have the best early childhood education with our experienced teachers, intentional teaching approach, and engaging activities.

Conveniently Located Centers

As working parents, finding the right daycare in New York for your family is challenging. That’s why we have over 9 locations throughout Westchester and Rockland Counties in New York, so you can also rely on us for convenience.

Why Parents In New York Trust Us

Children’s Corner has created lasting and meaningful relationships with the communities, families, and children. Reliability comes first for busy parents – and that’s something we deliver every day. We understand that every family is unique and has different needs when it comes to childcare.

At Children’s Corner, we understand how important it is for parents to trust their child’s day care provider. We take pride in creating a safe, nurturing environment that supports your child’s development. We believe in working with parents to help each child reach their full potential. Many New York parents trust us for quality education, safety, professionalism, and convenience. Don’t just take our word for it. Read our reviews to find out why!

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We are Children’s Corner Learning Center, a day care facility that helps kids learn and grow. We’ve been doing it for over 50 years! We aim to give kids a good education that excites them to learn and sets them up for a successful life. We invite you to come and visit our center, meet our staff, and see firsthand why so many parents in Westchester and Rockland County trust us with their children’s care.

So why wait? Contact Children’s Corner Learning Center today to schedule a tour and learn more about our programs. Your child’s bright future starts with us!

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