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With Children’s Corner daycare Pearl River NY, you get the best that a child care center can offer. We understand the importance of early childhood education. That’s why we strive every day to ensure an enriching experience at our facility. Our programs aim to give every child the opportunity to thrive. With a safe environment, we develop your child’s ideas and creativity!




A Holistic and Healthy Development Approach

Our passionate teaching staff gives every student the tools they need to succeed. Furthermore, we fully understand your kids’ needs through one-on-one time with them. In addition, we also help them know how to apply different concepts in real-life situations. Children’s Corner Pearl Rivers unique approach focuses on academic, emotional, and social development!

Our mission at Children’s Corner daycare is to cultivate confident learners through self-discovery. We believe in exploring the world at each child’s pace and fostering a love of knowledge that lasts generations. We provide children with an engaging blend of educational opportunities through our programs. At Children’s Corner daycare Pearl River NY we don’t just focus on academic performance. For instance, we help your child develop core values such as kindness, respect, patience, and other social competencies.

Daycare Pearl River NY

Begin Your Child's Journey

At Children’s Corner Learning Center, daycare Pearl River NY. We understand how frustrating it is to find the best “preschool near me” that fits your family’s needs. Because as a parent, you feel the need to find a daycare center that checks all the boxes:  

Preschool Near Pearl River NY

Comprehensive Programs For All Ages

Our programs have a singular goal of helping children reach their full potential as individuals. With our interactive classrooms, our programs encourage each child to grow into a capable young person. And our program nurtures the skills necessary to navigate life's complexities confidently. From infants through Preschool, we have programs tailored to each age group's needs. And when school is out, we also provide afterschool programs that keep your little one entertained all day!
Daycare Pearl River NY

Children's Corner Daycare in Pearl River NY

Imagine a place where learning is exciting and engaging. That place is here! Come see what makes us different! Our classrooms are designed with children's needs as the top priority. Besides, each classroom has bright colors and open spaces that nurture exploration and creative thinking. Plus, whatever we do inside or outside our walls is geared towards providing a fun learning experience for each student. Our playground includes age-appropriate activities like slides and swings.

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So if you are looking for a preschool near Pearl River, NY, give your little ones an opportunity they won’t want to miss! Contact us now to learn more about childcare enrollment!

Children’s Corner Learning Center

1 Blue Hill Plaza
Pearl River, New York 10965

Business Hours:  7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Ages: 6 weeks – 12 years

School-age and summer camp programs are available at this location.

Children's Corner Team - Pearl River, NY

Sari Altabet

Children's Corner Team - Pearl River NY

Assistant Director:
Ana Rodriguez

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