Summer Camp

Fun-Filled Programs in Summer Camp New York

At Children’s Corner, we turn an ordinary school break into a summer packed with excitement, discovery, and learning! We organize fun activities and field trips for kids between the ages of 5 to 12. We offer affordable and exciting activities in summer camp New York. Granting kids a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Providing a safe environment for them to use their active minds and bodies.

Children’s Corner daycare summer camps offer a variety of programs that can help children develop in many different ways. Here are some of the benefits of these summer camps:


Participating in sports can help kids improve their physical fitness, coordination, and teamwork abilities. They can also develop a healthy competitive spirit and a sense of sportsmanship.

Day Camp

A day camp provides children with a structured, active environment where they can have fun and make new friends. This can help them develop social skills and independence.


Art activities such as painting, drawing, and sculpting can help children express themselves creatively. They can also develop their fine motor skills and learn to appreciate different forms of art.

Summer Day

Spending time outdoors in the summer can be a fun and educational experience for children. They can learn about nature, explore their environment, and develop their observation skills.

Learning Skills

Summer camps often include activities that help children develop important learning skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making.


Summer camps often include reading programs that help children maintain and improve their reading skills. This is especially important for children who are struggling with reading, as they can receive additional support during our summer classes in summer camp New York.

Summer Camp New York
Our summer camp program is available at Pearl River, Palisades, Yorktown, and Briarcliff.

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Math-focused summer camp in New York, can help children improve their math skills and develop a love for numbers. This can be especially beneficial for children who struggle with math classes during the school year.


Participating in music activities can help children develop an appreciation for music and improve their musical skills. This can include singing, playing an instrument, or learning about music theory.

Compared to other day camps, Children’s Corner daycare summer camps offer a well-rounded program that can help children develop in multiple areas.

These camps often include a combination of physical, educational, and creative activities, which can provide children with a fun and engaging summer experience.

Fun Learning All Summer Long in Summer Camp New York

following school year. Our interactive program enhances your child’s problem-solving skills and allows your child to explore, create, and build. Our weekly trips and creative themes ensure that your child is excited to come back the next day.

Contact your local center to learn more about our summer camp program in New York and participating locations.

Field trips

Your kids will go swimming and have at least one big field trip each week.

Weekly themes

Each week, we organize themed games where your child can bring crazy hair day, wacky hats day, or colored war shirts.

Nutritious meals

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are served daily with milk, water, and juice.

Unlock your child’s potential and give them an unforgettable summer experience! Enroll them in Children’s Corner Summer Camps in Westchester County, NY, where they will engage in fun and educational activities, make new friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Take advantage of this opportunity to provide your child with the best summer day filled with growth, adventure, and endless family fun. Sign up today!

At Children’s Corner, our top priority is the safety and protection of our families and staff. Visit our health and safety page to learn more!

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