Only The Best Infant Daycare Program

Children’s Corner carries the best infant daycare program that offers an environment of growth, learning, exploration, and security. Our unparalleled daycare centers are located in Westchester and Rockland Counties. We provide warm, attentive, consistent, and loving care tailored to each baby’s needs.

Quality Early Childhood Education Center

At the Children’s Corner, we know the importance of leaving your children with a safe and reliable caregiver. Rest assured that your child is secure, important, loved, and ready to explore their world. We ensure that your child gets all they need out of their day while supervised by experienced caregivers.

We strive to create a calming and interactive environment to encourage the stimulation of your child’s growth. These stimulations can make your child blossom and strengthen their physical, psychological, and social skills.

Our staff understands what babies require at every stage of their development. We also strive to foster relationships with each family. We are your trusted partner with a deep understanding of growing together!

Convenient Parent-Directed Schedules

Children’s Corner’s best infant daycare program is here to make life easier for parents. We know how important it is to have flexible scheduling options that won’t leave you or your child feeling exhausted and overworked. That’s why our Infant Program does not have a set schedule.

Our infant care program gives families the freedom to choose their personalized schedules. We follow the plan you set according to your convenience, as communicated through our Infant Daily Gram.

The Daily Sheet is not used in lieu of communication between parents and caregivers but instead used as a reference for both.

Best Infant Daycare Program
“My daughter has been a part of the Children’s Corner family since she was 13 weeks old (now 4). I say family because they treat your child as family. The staff is friendly and caring. My daughter loves going to school and learns so much being there. It provides peace of mind knowing that she is happy and well-cared for while we are working.”

- Debbie W.

The Best Infant Daycare Program Environment

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Outdoor play (all ages)​

With separate outdoor play areas, your baby will be able to explore fresh air and sunshine in a safe environment. We believe that providing active playtime helps kids develop confidence, strength, speech skills, social development, and motor skills -all while having fun!​
Children's Corner Learning Center summer camp program white plains ny

Open-door policy​

Our child daycare proudly offers an open-door policy. We genuinely believe in a team approach. With our caregivers and parents working together, we create the best learning environment for every child. Get involved in your child's development daily.​
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Clean environment​

Here at Children's Corner, we go the extra mile to ensure our environments are as clean and sterile as possible. We employ daily cleaning protocols that exceed industry standards. Parents can rest easy knowing their children are being cared for in a hygienic environment.​

Start Your Children’s Corner Journey

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Where infants come first

Choosing the best infant daycare near me is easy with Children's Corner Learning Center. We aim to provide infants with the highest level of care and education and create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for both the infant and the parent. If you are interested in learning more about our infant program, we encourage you to visit our facility.

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