Interactive Preschool Group (3-Year Olds)

When children are at the preschool age, they are beginning to establish a more definite sense of themselves in relation to others. They are also becoming more verbal and autonomous. Group play is important for the growth and development of children in this age group.

Our Preschool Group Focuses on Various Areas

  • Circle time
  • Socialization readiness
  • Academic enrichment
  • Reading readiness
  • Number concepts
  • Prewriting skills
  • Music and rhymes
  • Movement in dance and exercise
  • Small muscle play (books, puzzles)
  • Large muscle play
  • Arts and crafts
  • Story time
  • Creative play
  • Dramatic play
At Children's Corner Learning Center, we provide a warm, supportive, and fun environment where your child can grow and learn.
  • Outdoor play (all ages): From building snowmen to water play, we encourage weather-appropriate outdoor play all year round
  • Parent involvement: We have an open-door policy; parents are encouraged to interact with their child and the caregiver throughout the day
  • Activities: You can enhance your child's program with add-ons such as music, karate, and other programs
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“One of my favorite things about Children’s Corner is the thought and creativity that goes into creating classrooms that are vibrant and fun!” 

- Max S.
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