Complete Prekindergarten Education

As your child reaches the prekindergarten age, he or she has greater self-control and ingenuity. Children in this age have integrated the desire of individuality with the interest in socialization. They also want to be more autonomous in expanding areas where they can be independent decision makers.

Creative and dramatic play becomes more complex as the children in this group become well-rounded little people on their way to conquering the world.

Paving the Way to Your Child's Academic Success

Our prekindergarten program follows a well-planned curriculum that focuses on kindergarten readiness and preparing your child for their next step in their academic career. With the help of age-appropriate lessons, our teachers will enhance your child’s skills needed for their first day of school.
  • Outdoor play (all ages): We encourage weather-appropriate outdoor play all year round, from building snowmen to water play
  • Reliable: We have over 44 years of childcare experience
  • Prepare: We strive to make sure that your child is ready for their next big step
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“Sometimes I can’t believe the things my 3-year-old comes home saying. Last week they did a project on how the lungs work, and she taught me everything she learned. At 3 years old she’s hungry for knowledge, and her teachers encourage her 
natural curiosity.” 

- Maggie B.
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