Soothing Environment for Your Infant's Growth

The infant group at Children's Corner Learning Center focuses on making your child feel secure, important, loved, and happy in a group setting. We strive to create a soothing and interactive environment to encourage the stimulation of your child’s growth.

Convenient Parent-Directed Schedules

There’s no set schedule for our infant program. Our caregivers follow the schedule you set according to your convenience, as communicated through our Infant Daily Gram.

The Infant Daily Sheet is not used in lieu of communication between parents and caregivers but rather used as a reference for both.
  • Outdoor play (all ages): Infants are taken outside for fresh air when the weather is mild; this can be an exciting experience for your child
  • Parent involvement: We have an open-door policy whereby we encourage parents to interact with their child and the caregiver throughout the day
  • Clean environment: We make sure to keep the infant areas as clean as possible
Contact us to learn more about our infant care program!
“My daughter has been a part of the Children’s Corner family since she was 13 weeks old (now 4). I say family because they treat your child as family. The staff is friendly and caring. My daughter loves going to school and learns so much being there. It provides peace of mind knowing that she is happy and well-cared for while 
we are working.”

- Debbie W. 
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